Ann Takase is teaching students how to scuba dive today

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Ann Takase is a scuba teacher. She is a pro and she knows how to teach students how to become scuba divers. She enjoys her work and her students enjoy her bright cheerful disposition. She is a lovely girl and after years of swimming and exercise she has toned her lovely petite body into something very sexy and hard to resist. Today while in class the students were curious to know what she wears under her wetsuit. She explained that a simple bikini is all she had on under her suit and this of course made the students want to see, so they could be sure of course. Well, one adventurous student decided he wanted to see a bit more and got up in the middle of the class and started pulling at her suit and trying to kiss her. How could anyone resist Miss Ann in her bikini showing so much skin? From there he persuaded Miss Takase to show him a bit more and she feeling horny pulled her bikini bottom aside and showed him that she does indeed have a very pink and nicely shaved pussy. She spread her pussy as wide as she could for him while he took a good look deep inside her pink hole. This whole learning scuba diving turned out to be a lot more fun than he thought as he then convinced her to turn around and bend over and spread her pussy so he could see her cute asshole as well. She bent right over and did just that as our horny student decided he needed to stick a finger deep inside her and see how warm that pink hole was. He spit on his finger and rubbed her pussy lips and got her nice and wet and then he fingered her right there in front of the whole class as Miss Takase moaned with pleasure. Go see what happened next!