Japanese housewife Mio Yoshida is in the shower with tw

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What is it that every lonely Japanese housewife in Tokyo wants to do while her husband is away all day. She secretly wants a couple of men to come to her door, and try to sell her a service that will make her life better, more fun, and more interesting. Because so many housewives are just bored or lonely at home. So today we get to see this exact scenario. We get to see a bored housewife finally be able to explore her sexy side, and enjoy an afternoon at home that does not involve being alone and dreaming of cock in her mouth or pussy. We join the scene where the two salesman are in the bath with Mio and they are in the shower where they are all enjoying each other and each other’s bodies. Both men are hard as they kiss and massage and grab and play with Mio and her naked body. They have lathered her all up with soap and are rubbing their cocks against her and sliding their fingers inside her pussy as one kisses her mouth deeply and the other licks her neck and slides his cock up and down on her hips. Since they are both hard as a rock and Mio has two hands and a mouth, she starts to jerk them off and suck them off one by one. Mio takes one cock in her mouth, and jerks off the other, and then she switches and sucks the other off while she whacks off the first. This is one hot fucking shower. They decide to dry off and continue this fuck show in the bathroom. They all lay down and start kissing and the men go right for the pussy and start to pull it open so they can enjoy the taste of her pussy lips. Go watch the full video, it is so great and you are going to love to watch these two go down on her and enjoy her hot pussy!