Kaho Hamazaki is our cute office girl that wants to pla

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And here we have some new and exciting talent to bring you from the streets of Tokyo. This is Kaho Hamazaki and she is our little runner. She is into exercise and enjoys going to the park to run. She is a single girl and has not dated anyone in several years. She is an office worker and devotes most of her day to work. She really is more of a homebody who spends her days indoors at home. She is not so innocent though as she has had sex with at least twelve different men. She loves a well dressed man and that turns her on a lot. She just has no time to meet men to date because of her job. She has decided to come to visit us today as she saw our ad online and thought it would be good to try this as she has so little time off from work and sex with a stranger for an afternoon would be exciting for her. She does have a strong libido as she likes to masturbate every night before she goes to bed. Upon hearing this our interviewer was turned on and quickly asked Kaho if she would not mind demonstrating how she pleasures herself when she is alone at night. Kaho was happy to show him and jumped on the bed and got started rubbing her own breasts and massaging them and getting herself turned on so she could be ready to climax. She reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy and get it warmed up as well. This was turning her on and she reached up and pulled her shirt up as well as her sports bra so she could rub her tits and nipples and show us how she got warmed up for her pleasure time. Kaho then pulled down her pants and showed us her thong panties as she bent over and Please go watch the full video! You are going to want to watch what she does more than just hear about it. She has such a sweet pussy you are going to enjoy watching up close over and over again!