Kana Mogami in her office uniform playing dress up for

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Kana Mogami is here and again she is looking lovely. We are excited to have her with us to do some role play and some fun dressing up. She is not used to wearing a uniform and wearing an office girl uniform is strange for her. We have asked someone special to come and visit with us today and Kana is a little nervous to meet this guest. We bring our guest in and introduce him to Kana and let her know this is who will be in front of the camera with her today. Since our visitor has come from far away and traveling time was long he is a bit dirty from his trip so we asked the lovely Kana if she would not mind getting in the shower with him and getting him cleaned off a bit. She could wash off the sweat of the day from him and get him nice and clean. Our man got in the shower with her and was hard even before he was touched. Like the rest of us, Kana had turned him on and he wanted some of that sweetness up close to him. She got into it and really gave him a soapland kind of washing using her hands and legs and whole body to rub up against him with soap. She got down on her knees to get right in front of his cock so she could give it a nice washing and she grabbed those balls like she had done this before and really gave them a good washing. She then slid his cock between her tits and titty fucked him a bit. She didn’t want him to unload his cum on her there so she then rinsed him all off so she could suck his cleaned up cock. She used her hands to jerk him off while her mouth devoured his hard cock. Kana thengo watch the full video to see what she did. It is better than reading about it! You will enjoy how Kana treated our guest today.