Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi go on a long hike and

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So lovely to be outside on a mountain trail on such a beautiful day, Mei Ashikawa and Manami Nakanishi are enjoying a hike with their husbands and friends on this lovely day. It was a long hard trek up the mountain and it took all their energy to make it. Both girls were so tired and it took all their will to finish the hike to get to the lodge. When they arrived the whole party rested and had snacks and drinks and chatted into the night. After several of them went to bed or passed out there were only Mei and her husband’s boss left at the table drinking. The boss was so horny watching Mei hike all day that he just had to have her and reached over and started to rub her neck and shoulders and started to grab at her breasts and kiss her. He wanted her and since her husband was passed out there next to the table from being so tired and the alcohol he decided to start taking off her clothes and enjoying her hot wet pink pussy. He pulled off her panties and opened her legs wide so he could dive into her pussy. She had such a sweet pussy he didn’t want to come up for air as he licked and sucked on her pussy lips and plunging his tongue into her pussy hole. He could taste all her pussy juice as she got more wet. He sat her down and spread her legs and started to finger her pussy. He had her wet and horny and she was in need or more than just a finger. He pulled out his cock and had her lean over and take it in her mouth. She swallowed up his cock like the horny cock hungry slut she was and sucked him off while her drunk husband laid next to her still passed out drunk. She enjoyed his cock so much she.. Go watch the full video to hear what this horny cheating housewife did next.