Mio Yoshida is a housewife that gets seduced by two sal

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Mio Yoshida is having a lovely time enjoying some sun and a bit of solace having some coffee. It is her time to relax every day and take some time for herself. Her neighbors have seen her quite often and think she must be very perverted and must be spending time at home as well playing with her pussy masturbating. One morning they see her head home after some coffee time and they ring her doorbell to offer her some service they offer to housewives who stay home all day while their husbands are at work. They offer a service that improves the mood of the housewife as well as helping their skin. This is a service they are offering for free and Mio is not sure she wants anything to do with this. The two gentlemen are insistent and they continue with their pitch. Mio still is not sure what the product is that they are offering. They find out in their conversation with her that her husband has not put his cock in her for almost six months. Upon hearing this they offer her a bottle full of a milky type of liquid and let her know she can drink this to help her. She does and finds she is feeling a bit hot and the gentlemen tell her she needs a massage now to be sure she has no negative side effects. They start to massage all of her body starting at her breasts. They start to strip her of her clothes to give her a better massage and stimulate her to be sure the liquid helps her. They pull down her bra to massage her nipples now and she is a bit surprised as the two start playing with and grabbing her breasts. They then suggest they take off her skirt. And then, you really need to go watch the full video to enjoy what these gentlemen do next to this sexy hot babe.