Miyu Miyazaki is our hot sexy masseuse, she loves to ma

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Miyu Miyazaki is a masseuse. She has finished work for the day and now she is off. Miyu is a good worker and does her best to keep her clients satisfied. She only asks that the clients respect her. She does a good job and massages the sore muscles of her clients and relieves their pain. Miyu is usually tired after a long day of work. She is closing up the shop for the day and is approached by a man who was thinking of going to her shop. But as Miyu was just closing up shop he would not be able to have a massage. This gentleman suggested that since his hotel room was right there that they go there to get the massage. Miyu thought this would be find and negotiated the price with the gentleman right there and did this work off the book. The client was very interested in getting a deep muscle massage and see what happens when Miyu massages him. The price must have been very good for this massage was to be done with Miyu naked. So, Miyu removed all her clothes and proceeded to give the client a back massage. After she massaged his back she had him turn over and noticed his erection. I guess she would have to negotiate a new price if he expected her to service his hard cock. This was going to be a wonderful evening of massage for this client as Miyu was going to take her time to rub him, massage him, lick and suck and then fuck him. Miyu is a tiny Japanese girl that has a very tight pussy and the service she provides to her client is the best! You are going to enjoy this video and it is so worth the price of a membership as Miyu has a lovely mouth that will suck all the cum out of her client’s balls.