Saki Tubasa is our first model to have tattoos all over

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Today we were happy to meet a young lady who wanted to come and try her luck at being an AV model. AV models in Japan can become very famous and often become well known TV stars after they have had a career as an adult video model. We went to the park today at an agreed upon time and place to meet Miss Saki Tubasa. She is a young lady with desires to become a model. She was very pleasant and we were happy to get to know her for an afternoon. After a short chat in the park we invited her back to our hotel room to interview some more and see where that would lead. We were surprised to learn while talking with her that she is a fan of tattoos and has many of them all over her body. This was something new and interesting for us as she is the first model that we have interviewed that has come to see us with this hobby. We got to know a little bit about Saki and her sex life. She has had sex with about ten men and been in relationships with about six of them. She was very forthcoming about her sex life and the things she has done. She let us know that she enjoys masturbating and often does it four to five times a week. She loves to be at home and spend the evening pleasuring herself. We were anxious to see her tattoos and she obliged by stripping down to her bra and panties to show them to us. Saki looked great in her sexy white lace bra and panties. She is a tall and thin girl. She has a lovely hourglass shape and a very nice plump ass that we can already think about diving into later. This was a very nice afternoon and you are going to see what we do with her after we have her naked. Just so you can imagine some, she was a great fuck.