Shoe Size Doesn’t matter with Kendall Fox – MonstersOfC

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Kendall Fox is a cute Hawaiian chick we met out in California who claims to be able to hang with any size cock. She even states that she’s had plenty big ones in her day and that she’s willing to take on any monster we throw her way. Ever heard the the expression Size doesn’t matter? Well what means is that “SHOE SIZE” doesn’t matter. As Kendall learns, the hard way, is that looking at a mans foot size is not the way to find out if he has a big cock. It’s by taking off his pants and and letting it fall to the floor. Kendall wanted the big man. She got the big man! It’s great to watch her try to deep throat the dick. She sure does give it a try. It’s when it’s shoved inside her tight pussy that she realizes what she’s gotten her self in to. I’m pretty sure the neighbors know exactly what’s going on and if not they might be calling the police for muff murder. Enjoy!