The first AV for Tomoe Yukimura and Miina Matui in a fu

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It is sometimes difficult to understand how to find new actresses for adult videos. Many times like here in this example, the actress is scouted, someone sees her and things she looks nice and would make a good asset to the adult video community. Tomoe Yukimura was scouted like this. And after she gave it some thought, she wanted to try but was of course still unsure. She was brought in to the studio to see what it would be like if she did become an actress. She was allowed to watch as another couple was filmed in a love making scene. She was sat up close to the couple and allowed to watch as they performed their scene. She was very impressed with the production of the video and professionalism of the actors. They all seemed very nice and treated her very well while she was on set. Tomoe was very excite to see the couple make love and watch how they were able to do that with a room full of people and cameras pointed at them. Tomoe was so excited while watching them that she got a lil horny and thought they looked so good and inviting that she had to get up closer to them and watch. She was close enough she could reach out and touch them, which she did. She reached out and grabbed his balls as the actress Miina had the actors cock in her mouth. Tomoe just had to feel those balls being so close to the action and being so turned on by their foreplay. In fact what ended up happening was Tomoe was so turned on by the actors that Tomoe thrust her hand in and started stroking the actors cock and ended up licking his balls too. She was there to observe and ended up in the scene as well.