Young & Plush – Oksana Rose – XLGirls

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Guys with an eye for pretty, big-boobed, young babes are in for a treat when they need their house painted. If they are lucky, Oksana Rose shows up ready to work. “I worked as an interior painter for awhile and I loved it,” Oksana said. “I got to see a lot of different buildings and I loved painting.” Sadly for those guys, Oksana did wear overalls on the job, not tank tops over her 34G tits, and booty shorts. Oksana’s curves developed early. She had D-cups when other girls her age were as flat as an ironing board. “I was the boobs girl in school. I never played sports on a team but I enjoy playing hockey now and then. The Minnesota Wild is my favorite team. Occasionally I enjoy going for runs.”