Yua Goto puts on a costume for us to play some sex game

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Here we have another go at Yua Goto. She is looking great and is back for round two. We were surprised at how easy it was to get her to model for us. She was happy to show us every inch of her body and since she has lots of tattoos she didn’t mind showing them all to us. We had an idea to get her to put on a costume for us so we could have some costume play while we had her. She was game and it turned out pretty fun for all of us and luckily for you we had our camera on so you could see how fun it is to play with a sexy Japanese girl in costume doing a little roll play. We love a girl in leather and one who gets tied up as well. What if we gave Yua a costume that was shiny and latex looking? That would satisfy some sex fetish for us to have her in a short pleather skirt showing off her plump fuckable ass. This is going to be good because we know Yua well by now and we know how sweet her mouth is. She has a lovely mouth and she knows how to put a cock in it and suck and lick and she uses her hand with some spit to jerk that cock gently as she leans back down and wraps her lips around that cock. We are in love with her cock sucking skills. Out of the many many models that have come to our studios in Tokyo, Yua has one of the best blowjobs. She really knows how to treat a cock and get it to perform for her mouth and hands. We take a lot of time in this video showing off Yua and her dick sucking, so please be sure to see the full video so you can watch her perform this lovely skill she has.